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Gentle care to ease and heal the pain of wounds

Wounds have always been part of our lives. Cuts and scrapes are usually taken for granted because they heal on their own. But they are not the only types of wounds. Some wounds, such as the ones caused by accidents or made during surgeries, are considered serious and cannot just heal on their own. They need proper medical attention and skilled care to prevent infections, speed the healing process, and eventually ease the pain. At Universal Home Health Care of MN LLC, specialized care is rendered depending on the type of wound. Our wound care nurses ensure that regardless of the time it would take for chronic or acute wounds to heal, patients will be properly assisted, observed, and treated.

Our wound care services include but are not limited to:

  • Wound hygiene
  • Bandaging and dressing
  • Management of wound pain
  • IV therapy for infection prevention
  • Minimizing wound odor
  • Skin assessment

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