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Promoting recovery through skilled and attentive care

A recent surgery or an existing medical condition may require patients to have ileostomy or catheter systems attached to their bodies to aid in waste removal. The first few days after these devices are attached are crucial in assessing the recovery process of patients. During this period, discomfort and difficulties in mobility will be observed among patients. They must receive skilled care and assistance in handling their ileostomy system and catheter device to effectively promote hygiene and health. At Universal Home Health of MN LLC, our team of ostomy care nurses is trained to aid in ostomy and catheter management. We focus on providing quality skilled care for an effective recovery process.

Our ileostomy and catheter care services include the following:

  • Ileostomy hygiene
  • Ileostomy diet guide
  • Removal and replacement of catheter devices
  • Peri-care and catheter hygiene
  • Proper use of leg bags and bath basins

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